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De'ang, Pale


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Palaung, Ruching

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% Evangelical

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India has 2,135 least-reached groups, followed by Pakistan (828), and China (443).
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Colorado Baptist Association

  - Colorado Baptist Association is a fellowship - network of local Baptist churches cooperating, evangelizing, ministering, and seeking to make disciples starting in their local communities and unto the ends of the earth in fulfillment of Jesus Christ's Great Commission.

  - Colorado Baptist Association exists to provide leadership, fellowship, training, and equipping resources in the areas of church growth, ministry, missions, pastoral leadership transitions, and positive church and leadership consulting for the benefit of its member churches and pastors.


Pastor of the Week:

Pray for the pastor of the week, Pastor Luis Alvarado and his family, as they minister at Emmanuel, Bay City, Tx. and its local area . Pray for Alicia Alvarado, wife of pastor, as she undergoes hip replacement surgery in Houston. Pray for her recovery and healing after the surgery. Pray for no complications to arise and for her therapy afterwards. Pray for the church members as they seek ministry and mission opportunities to share the Gospel in their area. Pray for new growth and ministry opportunities for building up the congregation ! Pray for the Holy Spirit to be growing and developing new leaders from within the church.

Pastors in need of your prayers:

Your Prayers are making an impact ! Keep on praying ! 

- Pray for Pastor Bob Keptra, and his wife, ( Lane City ) as they battle and recover from Covid 19 and other serious health concerns. They are in recovery mode now from fighting Covid 19. Continue to lift them up as they heal and for God to give them physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength to fight through these health battles.

PTL ! Thank you for your prayers on behalf of Pastor Jeff Mitchell, Pledger Baptist church, as he recovers from a kidney procedure. He is at home and resting well. Pray for God's healing and his recovery. Pray for Teresa as she ministers to him during this time.

PTL ! Pray for Associate Pastor and Children's minister, Steve and Stephanie Lyford, FBC El Campo, as their daughter, Amelia undergoes treatments fighting leukemia. Pray for Amelia's healing, and for her medical specialists as they minister to Amelia. Pray for her strength, and stamina as she undergoes these treatments. Pray for her family, and church family as they minister to her during this time. She is now in remission after going through her treatments. She will continue to be monitored by her medical staff.

PTL ! Thank you for your prayers on behalf of Pastor Dr. Jimmy Wright  as he is recovered from fighting pneumonia. Pray for his healing and recovery . Pray for him as he ministers at FBC Sargent, Tx., as Associate pastor. Pray for FBC Sargent´s Pastor John Putch, and the church members as they seek to minister, witness, and build new relationships in their local community in order to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in the Sargent area. Pray for new growth and new families to join.

PTL ! Thanks for your prayers ! Pastor Allen Tangler, FBC Sheridan, has returned to his church´s pulpit and is making great strides forward health-wise. His blood infection is gone, but left bone damage. He has successfully undergone surgery to remove the damaged bone tissue, and is walking and moving around. He has had another surgery on the back of his neck to remove the damaged tissue there. He has found relief from suffering severe back pain. He is resting and recovering at home. Pray for his healing and recovery asap. Pray for his wife and family as they minister to him during this time of illness. The church body has grown through this time as well.

Pray for Pastor Larry Swift, pastor at First Baptist Church in Blessing, and his family, as he is currently at home enjoying time with his family, and serving his church. He is showing some improvement. Continue to lift him and his family up as they minister to him! He has been pastoring, preaching, and ministering even as he has been fighting cancer. Pray for the church members at Blessing Baptist Church as they minister in the name of Jesus Christ to the needs of their local area, pastor, family, and community. Pray for the Holy Spirit to sustain, and carry the church and family through these difficult times. The church is in the process of planning and building a new church building as well.

Pray for Pastor Luis Martinez, pastor at Called to Care Community Church in Manvel, Tx., with his wife and children, along with their church family as they have recently joined our Colorado Baptist Association. Pray for their growing van ministry into the Alvin area. Pray for continued growth and fruit of their labors as many more are gathered into God´s family. They are in need of a larger sound board to handle their praise group, if your church has an extra, please let Pastor Luis know at 1-713-679-9697. Thanks.


Ministerial Opportunities:

- Cedar Lane Baptist church: Pastor Mike Patterson has retired, and the church's pastoral search team will be receiving resumes for consideration. Send resumes to Cedar Lane Baptist Church, care of Pastoral Search Team, PO Box 90, Cedar Lane, Tx. 77415.

- FBC Van Vleck is prayerfully receiving resumes for their next pastor. The position is for a full time pastorate. Address resumes to FBC Van Vleck in care of the pastoral search committee at PO Box 541; Van Vleck, Tx. 77482. FBC Van Vleck has a short term interim pastor lined up and ministering to them presently. Pray for the church to grow through this interim transition time in pastoral leadership.

- FBC Ganado's  pastoral search team is prayerfully at work, and they have a short/term interim lined up, who will be pastoring them during this pastoral leadership transition time. He will be starting in May.

- Youth and Worship leader(s) needed at FBC Matagorda. It is an informal, flexible, lay-led, volunteer position. Parsonage is available. Contact Pastor David Marchbanks if interested at 1-817-320-5053.

- Youth and Children´s Director is needed at Glidden Baptist Church, Glidden Tx. Send your resume to the church in care of the Youth and Children´s Director search team at 209 Eighth Street, Glidden, Tx. 78943 or call at 979-253-0567 or 979-732-0488.

- Lane City Baptist church seeks a bi-lingual bi-vocational Pastor to lead the church into the future and reach out to the Hispanic population. Lane City is also seeking an informal Worship leader. If interested contact Pastor Bob Keptra at 979-257-8353; or at 979-532-8478. 

- Lost Lagoon RV Resort, El Campo,  seeks a part-time lay-leader or minister to conduct informal Sunday morning worship services during the Summer, pool-side at the resort for campers. Contact Phillip Kinder at 979-541-9440.


Ukraine Crisis:  ¨ Send Relief ¨  is bringing help and hope to displaced families in Ukraine during the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Turkey Crisis:  ¨  Send relief  is working to provide aid and assistance to the affected families in Turkey during their recovery and cleanup from the earthquakes that have taken place there.

¨ Send Relief ¨   is a collaboration between the International Mission Board and North American Mission Board

Visit:  sendrelief.org/projects/ukraine/





tbm.tx.org - Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief for Ukraine


This month's CBA Newsletter is now available under the Newsletter Tab ( Above on Homepage ) Check it out for all the latest CBA News and Events. Financial report, devotional, and ministry opportunities.


 Ministry    &    Missionary    Resources   &   Website    ( Shortcuts )

 Go to the bottom right hand side of this page to " Affiliations" and click on it. You will see a list of Christian Organizations affiliated with CBA, which will give you more information on their specific ministry and mission. Scroll down through the list and click on the one that interests you, or for which you are seeking more information. Try it out it's fun and quick ! WMU., Women's Ministry, Men's Ministry, Disaster Relief, BGCT., SBTC., STCH., and more .....



Contact Us  
Colorado Baptist Association
1515 Briar Lane
Wharton, Texas 77488
Map  •   Directions
Phone 903-227-9019



Upcoming Events, Needs, Opportunities for Ministry, and Trading Post:

(Scroll down and Read to the bottom.)

JUNE 4-7: Seeking Spiritual Revival emphasis at FBC, Bay City with Chris Schofield. For more details and information call the church office at 979-245-5518. We need revival, our churches need revival, the world needs a spiritual awakening movement of God. It starts with the family of God. Pray for revival !

June 8th: Cedar Lane Baptist Church at 7 pm. Pastoral Search Team Training and Workshop led by Barry and Linda Barnet.

JUNE 11th: End of School Youth Rally at FBC, Palacios in their gym area. 4-6 pm. All CBA Youth and church groups are invited to attend. Food, Fun, Youth Focused Worship, and Fellowship.

JUNE 19th - 23rd: Girl´s Expedition Camp at Texas Baptist Encampment, Palacios

JUNE 19th - 22nd: Kamp KHAOS ( Preteens ) at TBE, Palacios

JULY 10th - 14th: One Camp      ( Youth ) at Texas Baptist Encampment, Palacios

August 8th: CBA Admin. Team Mtg. at College Heights, Wharton starting at 10 am.

September 12th: CBA Executive Board Meeting for all pastors and CBA church messengers at FBC Louise.

- 11 am. Coffee and fellowship time

- 11:30 am. Fellowship Luncheon

- Noon (12) pm. - Executive Board Meeting begins

Missions Opportunity:  * If your church is looking for a great way to pass on used folding chairs, tables, music equipment, Spanish Bible study materials, bicycles, refrigerators, AIR CONDITIONERS, heaters, pews, new backpacks, tents, ...etc... and for them to continue to be used of God in missions and ministry abroad contact Pastor Juan Aguilera. 

- Please remember us, Colorado Baptist Association, as we depend on your church´s contributions in order to serve. CBA is dependent on your church and its faithful and generous giving and support in order to better minister to you, and your local church. Help us to be able to better help and serve you in 2023. God loves a cheerful giver. Missions begins with you and your local church, help us focus on the mission field that is our local CBA area. Thanks for your support ! Barry Barnet, DOM @ CBA 

* Ministry Opportunities:

- RV Resort Ministry: Chaplain or Lay-leader needed at Lost Lagoon RV Resort, El Campo, Tx., Sunday morning sermonette of 30 minutes for guests staying at the resort from 9-9:30 am. , or 9:30-10 am. Volunteer basis with a commitment to serve from May - September. If interested contact Philip Kinder, deacon at Memorial , El Campo for more details at 979-541-9440.

- Youth and Worship leader needed: FBC Matagorda, part-time, Sunday mornings from 11 am. - Noon. Informal praise and worship style, guitar welcome, needs to be out going, personable, flexible, and willing to serve and lead out in worship and praise. Contact: Pastor David Marchbanks at 1-817-320-5053.

- Mission VBS Projects : FBC Matagorda, FBC Lane City.

- Church Renovation Ministry Projects: ( Great for a Men´s Ministry Project ) Hands On , short term, church renovation projects, with lots of tools involved ! :

 -  Rock Island Mission Point: painting, caulking of windows, some plumbing work. Contact Pastor Albert Cuellar at 1-361-482-9178 or at 1-361-482-9184.

 - FBC Matagorda: Demo work, sheet rock installation, clean up, wiring, plumbing, ...etc... contact Pastor David Marchbanks at 1-817-320-5053.

 - New Beginnings, Weimar, needs electrical installation, and plumbing in order to get up and going for services in new building. Contact Pastor Danny Henderson: 979-997-8137 or at 979-997-8139.

 - Bi-lingual and Bi-vocational ministers and lay-leaders needed throughout CBA: Contact Barry Barnet


Trading Post: 

- Called to Care Community Church, Manvel, needs a larger sound board and mixer to hold more mic´s for their growing Praise Band. If you or your church are changing out your sound equipment please let Pastor Luis Martinez know at 1-713-679-9697. Thanks.

- Organ Donation: Not a human organ, but a music organ. If your church or you know of another church that would like a gently used music organ please contact Cedar Lane Baptist church at 1-979-318-6858 or 979-245-4504. It is free and works great, just needs to be picked up and transported to its next church home.

- Used Church Van For sale: Primera Iglesia Bautista in Palacios is selling their church van. It is a white Ford passenger van that looks and runs like new. It is well maintained and at a great price. For more information contact Pastor Juan Aguilera at 361-972-5102 or at 979 240-9553.

- Used Bibles, Sunday School, and Bible Studies materials in good shape available for free at CBA Office.

- VBS Materials and curriculum: Please find a church that can use your VBS materials after you are finished with it to pass it forward! Recycle, Re-use, Re-circulate it to empower other churches. Share God´s resources, pass it forward !


   Mission Opportunity: Pastor Juan Aguilera and his brother, pastor Benito Aguilera at Santa Fe Iglesia Bautista in Santa Fe, Houston area have been able to start up to 6 mission points in Mexico. They need your working and useful donations to equip these mission points in Mexico, some are in buildings and others are in the open air. Please Do NOT give non-working donations ! Contact Pastor Juan at 361-972-5102 or at 979-240-9553. They are willing to pick up and transport your donations to Mexico to equip these mission points for proclaiming the Gospel to unreached Hispanics. Thanks for your donations and support of international church planting and missions starting here in CBA !








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