- Colorado Baptist Association is a fellowship - network of local Baptist churches cooperating, evangelizing, ministering, and seeking to make disciples starting in their local communities and unto the ends of the earth in fulfillment of Jesus Christ's Great Commission.

  - Colorado Baptist Association exists to provide leadership, fellowship, training, and equipping resources in the areas of church growth, ministry, missions, pastoral leadership transitions, and positive church and leadership consulting for the benefit of its member churches and pastors.


Prayer requests: Your prayers have a powerful impact ! keep on praying !

Pastor of the Week:

Pray for Pastor Russell Rose, Carancahua Chapel, Schicke Point, Tx. along with his wife as they minister and serve the Lord Jesus and seek to build up His church. Pray for  Carancahua Chapel´s members as they seek out ministry opportunities and open doors to share the Good news of Jesus Christ in their local area. 

Pray for Associate Pastor Tito Sanabria, and his wife, at Lane City Baptist church. Pray for Pastor Tito, his wife, and his family, as Tito was involved in a serious traffic accident last Thursday, he is in ICU in University Hospital, San Antonio, Tx. Pray for his wife as she ministers to him during this time. Pray for God's healing, and recovery for Tito. We are praying for a miracle. Thank you for your intercession.

Pray for Casey DuBois , retired DOM from CBA, as he is suffering heart problems, and he will have open heart surgery this Thursday morning in Sugar Land. Pray for his health, pray for his family members, and pray for his medical team as they prepare for his upcoming heart surgery. Pray that there would be no complications. Pray for a positive outcome along with a speedy recovery.

Pray for Associate Pastor and Worship Minister at FBC Palacios, James Collins, as he recovers from an intensive antibiotic treatment to clear up a serious infection. He is at home and continuing with his medical treatment under the care of his wife and medical team. Pray for his healing and recovery, as well as the clearing of any infection from his body. Pray for his wife and family as they minister to him during this time.

Pray for Associate Pastor, Jimmy Wright, Sargent Baptist Church, as he recovers from injuries suffered during a traffic accident. Pray for his healing and recovery from his injuries, so that he can return to his ministerial service as soon as possible.

Pray for the family of CBA Pastor Larry Swift, Blessing, FBC., as Pastor Larry Swift passed from this world into God´s glory. Pray for his widow, Donna, as she is recovering from an illness. Continue to pray for the family and FBC. Blessing as they pass through this time of grief ,loss, and transition. Pray that they may experience the peace, hope,  and presence of the Holy Spirit with them during this time.

PTL ! Pastor Juan Aguilera has returned home from the hospital and is doing remarkably well. Continue to Pray for Pastor Juan Aguilera, Pastor at  Primera Iglesia Bautista, Palacios  along with his family and church members as they minister in and through the Palacios area. Pray for the church members and local believers as they seek to spread the Gospel throughout their surrounding area. Pray for Pastor Juan´s health and recovery from surgery. Pray for his family as they minister to him, as he has undergone a second surgery. Pray for his doctors and medical team, pray for his recovery from the surgery and follow up. Pray for God´s continued healing and his recovery. He is back at home and in recovery mode. He is making positive progress.

Pray for new Pastor Jeral Watkins, as he has been called to serve as the new pastor at Cedar Lane Baptist church. The church voted unanimously to call him as their next pastor. Welcome to CBA ! We are glad to have you serving with us. Welcome aboard. They are experiencing great growth, and many are making decisions for Christ Jesus. PTL !

- Pray for Pastor Luis Alvarado and his wife, Emmanuel, Bay City, along with his family and church members, as Pastor Luis recovers from a day surgery and a heart procedure follow up. Pray for Alicia as she recovers from hip surgery and continues with her physical therapy. Please continue to lift them up in your prayers as they endeavor to recover and heal.  Both are doing remarkably well.

- Pray for Pastor Bob Keptra, and his wife, ( Lane City ) Pray for Ophea, as she prepares for heart surgery coming up soon. Pray for Bob, as he is struggling with knee problems and pain. Pray for good health and stamina as they lead out in outreach ministry and pastoring Lane City Baptist church, and as they seek to connect with the Hispanic community there. Pray for Tito Sanabria , Hispanic Bi-lingual pastor working with Bob, as he recovers from a horrific traffic accident and ensuing health issues, pray for God´s healing and a miracle of recovery for Tito.

PTL ! Pray for Associate Pastor and Children's minister, Steve and Stephanie Lyford, FBC El Campo, as their daughter, Amelia undergoes treatments fighting leukemia. Pray for Amelia's healing, and for her medical specialists as they minister to Amelia. Pray for her strength, and stamina as she undergoes these treatments. Pray for her family, and church family as they minister to her during this time. She is now fighting a recurring fever after going through her treatments. She will continue to be monitored by her medical staff. Pray for her healing and recovery, and for her family as they minister to her during this time.


Ministerial Opportunities:

FBC Matagorda, Pastor David Marchbanks has resigned and the church is in pastoral leadership transition presently.

Frelsburg Baptist Church is presently in pastoral leadership transition as well. 

- Youth and Children´s Director is needed at Glidden Baptist Church, Glidden Tx. Send your resume to the church in care of the Youth and Children´s Director search team at 209 Eighth Street, Glidden, Tx. 78943 or call at 979-253-0567 or 979-732-0488.


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