October 2018   
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Praying for One Another

Pray for our children, and youth across CBA, who are returning to school. Pray for their protection, pray for godly teachers, and for these children and youth to be faithful witnesses in their schools.

- FBC Louise : Pray for the church as they plan on building a new parsonage for their future pastors, and for their pastoral search committee.

- FBC Van Vleck : Pray for their pastoral search committee as they prayerfully search for God´s pastor for their congregation, and for the search committee as they follow God´s leading in their search for their new pastor.

- Magnet Baptist church as Rev. Maurice has resigned and the church is searching for their next pastor. Pray for their pastoral search team during this time.

- Pray for Travis and Monica, youth ministers at FBC Matagorda, as they joyfully received their newborn baby, Emma. She is doing great. Continue to lift up Monica in your prayers as she resumes her treatments.

- Pray for the health and strength of Mission point pastor Danny Henderson as he has a highly stressful job as a truck driver and serves as a pastor. Pray for him and his wife as they seek to faithfully carrying out their ministries at their mission point New Beginnings at Weimar. Pray for him and his wife, Jaquline to set priorities in their ministries and balance job demands with family and ministry.

- Pray for our associational misión points in Rock Island and Weimar to experience many opportunities to grow and share their faith in these new work áreas. Pray for Alberto Cuellar and Danny Henderson as they lead out in these misión points. Pray for them to not become discouraged, but to be encouraged as they see God at work in the midst of their congregations.

- Pray for Pastor Joel Ramirez and his wife Nita as they face health challenges and seek to continue extending the ministry of Primera Iglesia Bautista in Wharton. Pray for them and the church as they minister to their local community in Wharton. Pray for them to be guided, protected, and blessed as they minister.

- Pray for Glidden Baptist church, pastor Clayton Wallin, as they are building a new children´s wing / building. The work is progressing well.

- Pray for our many churches who had VBS this summer, and the many youth and children´s camps .

- Pray for our local CBA churches to be able to follow-up on all the decisions made by the children and youth this summer.

- Pray for our associational churches , who will be ¨ On Mission¨with God this summer as they travel to far lands to share their faith, and communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. Pray for their safety, travel, fruitfulness, and good health as they serve Jesus Christ around the world this summer. Pray for God to open up many opportunities for them to share their faith and minister to those , who have never Heard the Gospel before.

- Pray for our local identified areas for beginning new work and Bible studies right here in our 4 county área: Wharton Junior College ( Student work ), and ( Hispanic Ministry ) in Lane City, Blessing, and Garwood áreas.

- Pray for our Association and the Barnets as we are in the midst of an important transitional period. We are going through many transitions and changes in our associational office structure in order to better serve you, our pastors, and local churches. We are going through growing pains as we set in motion new training opportunities. Be patient with us during this time. Pray for us during this time.

* Email your prayer requests and praises to my email address: bdbarnet2017@gmail.com