Church Strengthening Team

Facilitator: Ryan Carpenter


Church Strengthening Team

Purpose – This team will assist, encourage and resource Colorado Baptist Association churches to become healthy strong congregations.  This team will assist the churches in the area of training, education, evangelism, and any area needed or requested by churches that will help strengthen the local church leadership.  This team will allocate the necessary resources available to assist the local churches.

Procedures and Protocol

· Request for funds will be accepted only from a participating church as stated in the Constitution and By-Law of Colorado Baptist Association, Article II, Section 2.

· Church strengthening events will include activities like the following:   Sunday school leadership training, men’s conferences, women’s conferences, youth leadership conferences, evangelism conferences, mission conferences, evangelism training events, children’s conferences, etc.  These events are not limited and the team will consider any request from any church desiring to provide an event that will strengthen the church body.

· Churches requesting such funds will do so with the understanding that the event being offered will be available to any other church that may want to participate in that event.  Each church that request funds should plan such activities with the thought of including other churches or missions in the event.

· If a fee is charged for the event, consideration should be given to reimbursing the association any amount that may seem appropriate if the amount collected exceeds the operation expenses of the event.

· Awarding scholarships for such events can be considered by this team on an as needed basis.  Designated scholarship money for such events will be managed by this team as well.

· Churches can request funds to send certain people to leadership conferences in which they in turn provide a leadership conference among our churches upon their return.  (Glorieta Sunday School week would be an example or VBS training etc.)



· The Church Strengthening Team will meet at least quarterly.  However, with the advantage of electronics the meeting needs not to be a physical meeting.  The meetings can take place by either a physical meeting (at least quarterly), a conference call or by e-mail.  Time and distance and bi-vocational work should not interfere with someone desiring to be on this team.  We will make every effort to include any one that desires to be a team member.   


Team Members:

Jimmie Wright, facilitator

James Collins

Larry Van Hook

Don Hurley

Victor Morrison

Chester Sassman

B.B. Willis

Joseph Pope

Johnny Roberts

  August 2021  
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